Solar Water Heater: Optimal Performance, Quality, and Cost Efficiency

  • Exceptional Heating Performance
  • Efficient Cloudy Weather Operation
  • Superior Quality Materials
  • Enhanced Engineering Design
  • Optimal Shadow Area Heating
  • Cost Savings on Energy
  • Innovative Heat Capture Technology
  • High-Performance Flat Plate Design

Solar heaters from Efforts Solar are crafted to deliver exceptional heating performance, ensuring optimal utilization for your daily needs. Engineered with top-notch materials and advanced technology, our solar heaters excel in efficient heating, making them an ideal choice even in shaded areas and during overcast weather.

This design consideration not only ensures superior heating but also contributes to significant cost savings on your energy bills, emphasizing both quality and affordability.

The innovative design of our solar heaters involves utilizing copper plates beneath solar panels, capturing and harnessing heat effectively. This approach minimizes the reliance on electricity, leading to substantial energy cost reductions.


Product Features


2.5mm Borosilicate Glass

Inner Tank

2.5mm G.I., TIG/MIG Welded

High-grade Coating

High-grade Emulation Coating

Protective Cladding

0.45mm Galvanized Iron (G.I.) with PP Powder Coating Insulation
50mm PUF (38kg/mt3 density)

Sturdy Stand Options

1.2mm G.I. or 30x30x3mm M.S., PP Powder Coating

Efficient Insulation

50mm PUF (38kg/mt3 density)

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