Comprehensive Solutions for EV Charging Station

Supercharge your business expansion by integrating cutting-edge electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions from the innovative Efforts Solar & EV. Elevate customer experience, stay ahead in sustainability, and drive profits with our state-of-the-art EV charging infrastructure.

EV Charging Station Solutions

What do we do in EV Charging Stations?

EVs are the new age innovation revolutionizing how we commute to the workspace or travel. So, facilitating your employees to charge their EVs helps retain talents and monetize your workspace. Similarly, property owners, commercial complexes, and industrial parks can install EV charging stations.

Efforts Solar & EV provides customized EV charging solutions for your property. It allows organizations to monetize their property and give more value to customers. Our solutions are designed to provide optimal charging efficiency and a reliable system.

Our Offerings


When it comes to solar engineering excellence, we ensure reliable solutions through technical evaluation of the site, shadow analysis for optimal power generation, grid integration, and return analysis.

  • Site survey
  • Technical requirement analysis
  • Location assessment for setup
  • Charging station load calculations
  • Power supply analysis
  • Charging capacity measurements


Procurement of materials, equipment, and installation tools begins after a detailed survey. Our team creates a procurement order and gathers all the required equipment.

  • Material and equipment procurement
  • Complete evaluation of materials
  • Multi-layer checks for quality
  • Elaborate installation plan
  • Complete logistics support
  • End-to-end setup


Professional engineers execute an installation plan based on the survey. Our engineering team boasts experienced experts who provide a customized EV charging solution.

  • Complete setup and installation
  • Calibration of charging station
  • Quality checks and monitoring
  • Performance tracking
  • Maintenance and technical support
  • Fine-tuning of charging loads as per requirements

Your Premier Choice for Exceptional EV Charging Station Installation

Elevate your EV charging infrastructure with the Efforts Solar & EV, your premier partner for unparalleled EPC services. As the official channel partner of Lubi®, we bring an exclusive edge to your charging station setup, ensuring top-tier quality and reliability.

Join the Efforts Solar & EV, where innovation meets reliability, and takes your EV charging experience to new heights.

  • Official channel partner of Lubi®
  • Tailored charging station setups
  • Cutting-edge Technology
  • Proven Expertise
  • Regulatory Compliance

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