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Electric vehicles are transforming the way people commute and travel, emphasizing the need for efficient charging solutions. Charging station with rapid capabilities becomes essential, Efforts Solar & EV is official channel partner for Lubi® offers top-tier EV charging solutions.

Embracing the new era of alternative fuel, EVs redefine the commuting experience. Our charging solutions cater to different needs, with an emphasis on slow charging for EV charging station, residential and office settings.

Efforts Solar & EV stands at the forefront of the EV revolution, ensuring versatile charging solutions. Our commitment extends charging for optimal user satisfaction. With a focus on efficiency and flexibility, our charging stations redefine the landscape of electric vehicle infrastructure.

Lubi® EV Chargers

AC Type-2 EV Chargers

BHARAT AC001 EV Chargers


DC Fast Chargers

AC+DC Fast Chargers

DC Ultra Fast Chargers

Portable Battery Chargers

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