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Commercial Solar Rooftop Installation

What Do We Do in Commercial Solar Solutions?

Powering your commercial space needs resources and massive energy costs. It dents your operational budget affecting the environment. Efforts group provides customized commercial solar systems with clean energy sources and reduced operating costs.

Our engineers survey your location and analyze the requirements to create a reliable solution for commercial solar installation. We offer end-to-end solutions that cover everything from planning, designing, installation, and maintenance. Our extensive support for clients in claiming subsidies for solar panel installations makes us a worthy choice.

Our Promise on Materials?

Efficiency is the key to generating solar energy and converting it into electricity for optimal usage. Here materials of solar panels become crucial. Efforts group ensures that the best material and equipment are used for optimum efficiency.

The proper bandgap

We ensure that the PV semiconductor’s bandgap matches the wavelength of light incident on the panel for maximum efficiency.

High-quality materials

Our team has multiple layers of checkpoints to ensure that materials are thoroughly examined before installation begins.

Complete logistics support

Our promise of excellent solar solution delivery includes comprehensive logistics support for your materials, equipment, and installation.


Efforts engineering team will have a session with clients for requirement gathering. Next, our team will have technical evaluations for the project. The analysis also includes surveying the location, shadow conditions, and weather.

  • Complete requirement analysis
  • Data aggregation on weather and shadow
  • Technical evaluation of a project
  • Location survey
  • Project resource planning
  • Customization analysis


Based on the project evaluation and surveys, a procurement order is created. Our team procures the materials as per procurement order, has quality checks, and delivers on-site.

  • Procurement order generation
  • Material procurement and inspection
  • Multi-layer quality checks
  • Extensive logistics support
  • High-quality equipment and material
  • Creation of installation plan


As per location, project needs, and technical requirements, an installation plan is generated. Next, our engineers will install your commercial solar system on the site integrating all the customizations you require.

  • Implementation of the installation plan
  • Reliable setup
  • Operational excellence
  • Optimized power generation
  • Extensive documentation
  • Support for subsidy claim

Our Services

Commercial Solar System Cost

Solar energy empowers commercial space and property owners to monetize through power generation. Apart from reducing energy bills, commercial solar systems help you use your space to generate power that you can monetize.

The central government and state authorities provide subsidies for solar panel installation. Along with subsidies, they also buy excess energy that you generate. So, you can have maximum return on your investments. Efforts group is on a mission to simplify installing solar panels for power generation.

  • Reliable solar engineering
  • Comprehensive solutions
  • Subsidy application and documentation
  • Tailor-made solar systems


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      Hitubhai Dodiya
      Industrialist, Rajkot

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